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California Medical Cannabis Service Provider

Assisting California Registered Proposition 215 / SB420 Medical Patients Only. A valid medical cannabis recommendation issued by a California licensed physician is required.

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Proper - Pure Co2 Extracted Vape Oil Cartridges - 500mg



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 ProperRx- Medical Vaporizer Cartridges

Creates full flavor vapor with each puff – Smooth taste,  No tar, No second hand smoke, No flame, No ash.

100% Pure Co2 Extracted Oil, - 500mg per cartridge.

Highest Quality - All Natural Medication.

Co2 extracted pure cannabis oil is a perfectly atomized concentration of THC & full spectrum cannabinoids making medicating simply, easy and enjoyable.

Vaporizing offers a sweet and smooth, progressive effect that doesn't rule out work, play or socializing. Perfect while on business or vacation.

This is a very good choice for people / patients who seek a discreet, easy and healthier way to medicate.

Recommended treatment for: Insomnia, Anxiety, Bi Polar Disorder, Headaches, Hypertension, Restless Leg Syndrome, Pain, Inflammation and PTSD.

Cartridges will fit most standard size 510 thread vape pen batteries and we recommend using an adjustable voltage battery between 3.2 and 4 Volts.

*Complete Vape Kits include:  Adjustable Voltage Battery with Preheat Function, Aluminium Carrying Case, 500mg Cartridge and a USB Quick  Charger.

*When ordering a complete Vape Kit or Disposable unit please specify the requested strain,  Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid in your order notes.

* Disposable units are very high quality, They are constructed with a Glass tank, Ceramic coil and Metal body construction. (125 - 150) puffs  on average per unit.  When oil runs out, simply discard the unit.  No more batteries to charge or chargers to fumble with.  Units are always charged and ready to go right out of the box.  The easiest, convenient and efficient way to medicate discreetly and safely.

 Gummy Bear C02 Oil -  THC 37.14 %, CBD 0.43 %, CBN 0.24 %

 Sour Jack Co2 Oil -       THC 35.03 %, CBD 0.42 %, CBN 0.85 %

 $100 Og Distillate Oil -  THC 80.27 %, CBD 0.71 %, CBN 0.91 %

Sour Diesel Co2 Oil -      THC 29.07 %, CBD 1.16 %, CBN 2.54 %



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Order requests placed after 3pm weekdays, weekends or holidays will be processed the following business day.

Same day and overnight service may not be available in all California counties, Some areas may take 2 business days.

Due to local city and county regulations, some areas in California may not be serviceable.

Medical recommendation and CA Identification documents must be submitted and verified by your California licensed physician before any order requests are processed.

 *Free Delivery - $100.00 minimum donation. *Handling fee may still apply in some areas.

*Orders under the minimum donation are subject to a $10.00 delivery service fee.

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Patient Assistance Office Hours are from 9am-3pm Monday-Friday.

Office is closed on Saturday, Sunday and all national holidays.

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Legal Disclaimer

Greenz Direct® operates in compliance with California laws and in accordance with Proposition 215-The Compassionate Use Act of 1996, Senate Bill 420, Health and Saftey Codes 11357, 11357a, 11358, 11360, 11362.5, 11362.7 and .83 and all state laws and guidelines required and set forth by the California Attorney General to ensure the security of all cannabis cultivated and distributed is strictly for medical use only. 

Following California MMP, safe access and sensibility laws and regulations set forth by the state of California, All requests will be processed once the registered patients medical recommendation has been approved and verified by the California licensed physician issuing the medical recommendation.

Please note, you are responsible to understand your state and county laws related to the use of medical cannabis. You are solely responsible for the quantity limitations by your local county once the medical cannabis is in your possession as Greenz Direct® follows the regulations in State of California.

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